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Credit Card In Indonesia Regulations Summaries

There are more than 20 credit cards Issuers in Indonesia and these issuers have issued more than 150 credit cards types.

Here are the lists of 153 Credit card from 21 Issuers in Indonesia.

In Bahasa Indonesia, Credit card is called  'Kartu Kredit' and only those who has minimum salary 3 million rupiah/Month or about $ 205 USD can apply for a credit card.

These are the examples of largest credit card issuers in Indonesia

  • Bank Central Asia (BCA)
  • Bank BNI
  • Bank Mandiri
BNI Tower
BNI Tower

Indonesia Credit Card Regulations

All credit Card Issuers in Indonesia are regulated by Bank of Indonesia. Here are some regulations of Indonesian Credit Card.

  • Indonesia Credit card Interest must be maximum 2.25% 
  • Indonesia Credit Card Late Payment Fee must be 3% of the balance and maximum Rp.150.000 ($10 USD).
  • Indonesia Credit Card minimum payment is 10% of the balance each month.
  • Anyone with salary under 10 Millions Rupiah/Month only allowed  to have two credit cards issuers.
  • The Maximum of credit card limit allowed is 300% of the salary/month.
  • Anyone under 21 years Old can't apply for a credit card

Indonesia Credit Card Fees and Charges

Fees  and Charges outside those which already regulated by Bank Of Indonesia are different for each bank, but here are the averages:
  • Cash advance fee is 6% of the withdrawal amount and minimum Rp. 50.000 ($3) to Rp. 100.000. Except BCA which only charge 4% and minimum Rp.40.000 ($2.7)
  • Auto Installment Interest Rate is under 2%. All installment Tenors in Bank Mandiri cost with under 1% of interest rate.
  • Billing statement printing Charge is about Rp. 15.000 ($1 USD)
  • Sales Draft fee is about $2 - $3
  • Over limit Fee is about  $7 - $10

Credit Card Networks In Indonesia

The most Famous credit card Networks in Indonesia are Visa and MasterCard. But there is also another local network,which is BCA Card network.

Indonesian Credit Card Requirements for Foreigners

  • Minimum 21 Years old
  • Must have KITAS (Temporary stay Permit) or KITAP (Permanent stay Permit)
  • Usually, Foreigners have to open a saving account and deposit some money to apply for credit card
  • Or you can apply an indonesia secure credit card in Bank Sinarmas, the requirements must be easier for a secure credit card.
  • Read more here!

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