How to get a Credit Card in Indonesia For Foreigners

To get a credit card in Indonesia you need to open a saving account and also deposit some money, the deposit amount maybe differ in every banks.

In bank Mandiri, as i know, you need to deposit minimum Rp.500.000.000 or $36.000 to get a credit card. But the rules can also be changed over time. For current information, it is better for you to visit Mandiri Branch or call 14000. I know that Bank Mandiri Had approved many credits card for foreigners and they also have 24 Hours Professional contact center with English services.

There are some others options, like Bank BCA, Bank BNI and Bank Sinarmas. and i Think, all of these banks also have the same procedures, you should deposit first to get their credit card.

How To apply Credit Card for Foreigners in Indonesia

You must visit Mandiri Branch and talk to the costumers service. To open a saving account you need some documents like passport and Temporary/Permanent stay Permit (KITAS/SITAS).

If you apply for mandiri Credit card with deposit about $36k, you can get a platinum or signature credit card with credit card limit about 90% of your deposit.

To withdraw a deposit you need to close your credit card. To upgrade your credit limit you should send a statement letter and completed with your copy of passport, KITAS. Although you deposit some money in Indonesia bank, you can't increase you credit card limit urgently.

Having Indonesia's Credit Card you must pay for it's annual fee and the amount depends to the type of your credits card. In Bank Mandiri the highest level of credit card called Mandiri MasterCard world elite and this credit card is only for their Priority private banking customers with Fund under management minimum Rp.20 Billions, annual fee Rp.3 Millions.

If you apply for signature Credit Card, you have to pay for annual fee about $64.

Fee and Charges of Indonesia Credit Card

  • Interest is 2.25%/Month established by Bank Of Indonesia so it will be the same percentages in all Indonesia's banks.
  • Late Charge is 3% from the total amount of your last printed bill and maximum Rp.150.000. All bank in Indonesia charge with the same percentages.
  • Minimum Payment is 10% of your printed balance with minimum Rp.50.000
  • You will be charge for Materai fee (Indonesia Payment Tax) about Rp.3000 - Rp.6000 for every payment you have done.

Indonesia Credit Card decline transactions.

Some bank will block your credit card if you use it in others country without any notifications. So if you plan to travel overseas it is better for you to call the contact center of your bank to make a report about your journey.

If you credit card transactions is rejected you can also get helps by calling your bank Contact center.
You can call Bank Mandiri Contact center from overseas by dialing 021 5299 7777.

I apologize for my limited English and hopefully you can get a little information before visiting Bank Mandiri Branch. If you have any opinions or questions, please write it down in the comment box bellow. Thank You