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Comparing Indonesian and Singapore Credit Card policy issued by American Express

It is interesting to know the policy differences between Indonesian Credit Card and Singapore credit Card which is issued by American express. 

well, Kartubank summarize the interesting reviews here. Hopefully This information is useful for someone in Indonesia or Singapore. 

Comparing Indonesian And Singapore Credit Card

Singapore and Indonesia Flags

There are only 6 the Most important differences that are written here. 

Applicant Eligibility 

Both Indonesian and Singapore applicant must be over 21 Years Of Age for Basic Credit Card. But For Supplementary credit card, Indonesian Requires applicant over 17 Years old, However for credit Card Supplementary in Singapore must be over 18 years of age.

 Interest Rate 

Indonesian Pay higher Interest Rate which is 35,4% /year (Flat), However Singapore credit card interest Rate is 25.90%/Year but sometimes it can reach 29.99%/Year which is considered by the payment history. 

Minimum Monthly Payment 

Minimum payment of Indonesian credit card which is governed by Bank Indonesia is 10% from total monthly balance or Rp. 50.000 (S$ 5) whichever is higher. 
Singapore American Express card  sets the minimum monthly payment into 3% of Closing Balance or S$ 50 (Rp. 517.000). Whichever is higher.

Late Payment Charge 

Indonesian : 3% from Total Monthly Balance Maximum Rp. 150.000 (S$ 15)
Singapore American Express card  : S$ 60 (Rp. 621.000)

Cash Advance Fee 

Indonesian  : 4% - 6 % from withdrawal amount. 
Singapore : 5% from withdrawal amount

Foreign Transactions fee

Indonesian : 1% - 3% From the transactions amount.
Singapore  : 2. 5% From the transactions amount.

Features and Facilities of Indonesian Credit Card and Singapore Credit card are mostly the same, such as offering airline mileage as purchasing reward, direct debit payment, installment, offering additional insurance benefit, etc.

Most policies are also the same, such as Policy related to Lost credit card, how to stop the cash advance interest, supplementary agreement, etc.

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