what to do if your debit or credit card stuck in machine (Bali Visitor Only)

This article is for Bali Visitor only. What to do if your debit or credit card stuck in Bali ATM of Indonesia. Don't be Panic, Mostly Indonesian Bank put a PIC in Bali to Handle this Case.

Call the ATM machine issuer. To Help you to know the number of Indonesian Bank call center, i put some of them in the end of the article; be sure to follow the instruction into the English Services.

Don"t call their credit card officer although your stuck card is credit card, but whatever is the type of your card, you should call their Debit call center. if you are connect to credit card officer, you can request to connect to their debit officer.

If the Call center say that you should call your bank to replace your card, tell them that you need it. and you can't wait to replace it.

Ask the call center, the official address of their PIC that can handle this case in Bali. Because as i know the bank procedure when Card stuck on machine, the card should be replaced. So if the call center tell you this info, you can request to speak to their supervisor.

Always remember to speak politely, please don't be angry because if you speak nicely they will do more to help you.
List of Indonesian Bank Call Center
  • Bank Mandiri Call center - Call Mandiri via phone 14000 or (021) 52997777
  • Bank BCA Call center - Halo BCA di (021) 1500-888  or via phone 69888
  • Bank BTN Call center - BTN Care di 021-26533555
  • Bank BRI Call center- Call BRI di 14017 or (021) 57 987 400 or (021) 57 500 017
  • Bank BNI Call center - BNI Call di 021-500046
  • HSBC Call Center - HSBC Premier Call Center 500700
  • Citibank call center - CitiPhone Banking 69999
  • Bank BII Call center - BII Customer Care di 69811 - Atau +62 21 788 69811
  • Bank Permata Call center - Permatatel di 500111 or 63399 via phone
  • Bank Mayapada Call center- My Call 021 5000-29
  • Bank CIMB Niaga Call Center - CIMB Niaga Call Center di 14041 or +6221 2997 8888
  • Bank Panin Call center - Call Panin di 500678 (PSTN) or 60678 (Ponsel)
  • Bank Danamon Call center- Danamon Acces Center 67777

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